E.MiLac Ace Base #07 Coral Neon, 9 ml.


Product Details

E.MiLac Ace Base Gel No. 07 Coral Neon, 9 ml
• Bright coral neon for bold and self-confident ladies!

• Superfast manicure: Helps you save your client’s time.

• Strong nails even with a lesser thickness of coating.

• Formulated with high adhesion to ensure an incredible durability.

• Ideal nail-sculpting properties.

[tab name=”How to Use”]

  • Prepare a nail plate, using E.Mi pink sanding block. Remove grease with Eurocleanser.
  • Apply E.MiLac BASE GEL. To strengthen nails, add a drop of E.MiLac BASE GEL in the middle of nail, turn the nail upside down and spread gel, shaping an ideal glistening. Cure for 30 sec–2 min in a LED/CCFL lamp or for 2 min in a UV lamp.
  • Cover nails with colourful E.MiLac in 4 strokes technique as close to cuticle as possible. Cure for 2 min in any lamp.
  • Apply E.MiLac TOP GEL. Cure for 2 min in any lamp.
  • Remover with a special liquid Gel and Nail Polish Remover