Stamping plate #14 Winter day


•The most in-demand New Year designs and patterns for engraving include winter ornaments, Christmas prints, and graphic elements.

•Precise engraving ensures that the design is reproduced in the finest detail.
•Ease of use, comfortable size, and pattern placement make the work convenient.
•Plates save time, allowing for the creation of complex designs in a matter of minutes. They are designed for multiple uses and can last for years.
•The small format makes the plate convenient for storage and placement on the master’s table.
•The plate is mounted on a plastic backing, making it comfortable to use.
•Additional packaging, including an individual transparent bag and a blue protective film, protects against damage and needs to be removed before use.
•Versatility allows the use of any colors chosen by the client for printing the designs, whether it’s the entire design or just a part of it.
•Reusability and cost-effectiveness are highlighted—one plate offers an infinite number of design possibilities and serves an unlimited number of clients.