E.MiLac RT Dark Wine #078, 9 ml.


Product Details

E.MiLac Royal Tone! E.MILAC ROYAL TONE TONE PRESENTS THE MOST STYLISH SEASONAL COLOURS! Colour harmony. Colours of Royal Tone collection will make your winter image charming and freshness, highlight femininity and elegance. Splendid designs for business and casual style. Winter in royal luxury. Luxurious colour palette includes tawny, dark purple, red-brown and violet, burgundy, purple-grey, dark blue and airy blue colours that make a contrast with modern fast life. They represent tranquillity and optimism of a winter season. Fashion on tips of nails.Colours of new E.MiLac royal Tone collection are specially created colour in colour with EMPASTA collection and gel paints of the same name to design monochrome textures.