E.MiLac Scandium Top Gel, 9 ml.


•A gentle creamy shade, that reveals your lightness and passion to natural.
•Self-levels in a few seconds, creating a perfectly flat surface.
•Ideal for mono manicure in minimalist style.
•Ready-made color solution for design manicure.
•Comfortable to use: medium viscosity, strong adhesion.


The elegance of cold silver on your hands.
•A top coat with a perfect shimmer in a cool silver shade. A classic essential for every nail artist.
•Captivating effect: The shimmer particles have a gentle light- reflecting quality, adding even more elegance to the top coat.
•Comfort in application: Its medium viscosity prevents the top coat from spreading and self-levels in a matter of seconds. The shimmer is evenly distributed, leaving no gaps.
•Versatile appearance: Adds an airy touch to lighter shades, while creating an elegant glossy look on darker ones.

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