Keratolytic – Rough Skin Softener, 30 ml.


<br/><br/><br/><h5>Description</h5><p>Delicate, moisturizing treatment.</p><ul> <li><strong>Delicate, moisturizing effect.</strong> Urea is known for being gentle, yet effective – use it during a pedicure treatment to soften rough skin and keep the feet moisturized and supple long after the procedure.</li> <li><strong>Gently removes </strong>rough skin, efficiently reduces skin imperfections on the feet, and prevents the feet from getting too hot from the nail drill machine thanks to the product’s immediate effect.</li> <li><strong>Suitable for both classic and hardware pedicure</strong>. The product is great for both classic and hardware pedicure, considerably shortening the time required to complete the procedure.</li> <li><strong>Product size for studios</strong> – 100 ml. Great value and just the right size for any beauty studio!</li> <li>7 free; cruelty-free.</li> </ul><h5>HOW TO USE</h5><p>Keratolytic is applied to the problem areas on the skin under a film for <strong>5-10 minutes</strong>, after that the applications should be removed and the soften skin should be treated with a pedicure file or a rotary file, and rinsed with warm water.</p>